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Liu Yanjun, Chinese Wen 'an, pen name: Daqing River, graduated from Nanjing University. Expert judge of China Central Television Avenue of Stars, director and artistic director of China Internet Alliance. China's most collectible artist, the man of the hour in contemporary Chinese poetry and books, the outstanding journalist in contemporary China, and the outstanding contributor in China, named by CCTV: New Era-Chinese artist with both virtue and art.



Li served as Deputy Secretary-General and Office Director of China Petroleum Federation, Office Director of Industrial Culture Committee of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Expert Member of Chinese Cultural Heritage Committee of China International Reportage Research Association, Visiting Professor of national architecture institute of china Painting and Calligraphy Professional Committee, Expert Member of National Policy Think Tank of China Industrial Cooperation Association, Member of Chinese Poetry Society, Member of China Couplets Society, Consultant of Guyun Phoenix Poetry Society, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Poetry Newspaper and Member of Hong Kong Poets Union. Chairman of the National Federation of Celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Art Circles, executive director of China Contemporary Calligraphers Union, director of Silk Road Painting Institute of China International Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, member of World Calligraphers Union, and first-class calligrapher of China.



He has been engaged in cultural work for more than 20 years, and has written poems and reportages with millions of words. His works are scattered in the mainstream media at all levels, such as Workers' Daily, China Reform News, China Culture News and Guangming. com, and have successively won special prizes, gold medals, first prizes, Confucius Literature Awards, Yellow River Literature Awards, and Century Poetry Knight Medal.



In the field of calligraphy, he participated in many national exhibitions and professional competitions at or above the provincial level, and won gold, silver, bronze and outstanding works awards, literary pioneer award, international Chinese painting and calligraphy communication award and other book awards. His works were exhibited at the National Art Museum of China and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the highest hall of Chinese art. In 2018, he was appraised as "the most collectible artist in China" by top national experts.



The motto of pen and ink Hanxiang: If you can't open your eyes and dry Kun, why do you have to go to the house to put wine; Only when you swallow your dreams can you recite poems to immortals.



Professional organization tasting-


Chinese calligraphy pays attention to the beauty of momentum, state of mind and rhythm, and pays more attention to the beauty of bones and muscles. Liu Yanjun's calligraphy style is clear and vigorous, and there is a sense of integrity between the lines. As the ancients said, words are like people, and books are always connected with characters and flesh and blood. Excellent calligraphy must have personality charm to support the spirit of works. As Liu Gongquan, a famous Tang Dynasty scholar, said, "The heart is regular and the pen is straight". If a calligrapher has righteousness in his heart, and his font comes from the pen, he is resolute and strong, and his legal style is strictly prepared, just like a loyal minister and a righteous man standing on the court, with a clank and pride, and he can't win his ambition in the big festival.



Teacher Liu Yanjun, a famous calligrapher, began his journey of artistic accomplishment at an early age, practicing calligraphy with the method of literati, brewing Danqing, and honing constantly, becoming a great master of poetry and calligraphy. It can be said that the poetry and book art is everyone at the moment and a model for the younger generation, because they have achieved the same level of achievement as the poetry and book.



Liu Yanjun cultivated calligraphy, explored the origin of calligraphy, and found the ancient calligraphy, and had the ability to learn from ancient calligraphy. He highly recognized the peak of calligraphy art in han li, Qin Zhuan, in Tang Kai, in Erwang, in Zhang Xu and in Huai Su. In order to get all the books to be successful in law, he practiced calligraphy and studied the official script of real grass, and got the testimonies, became authentic, the main road was authentic, and the beauty was considerable. Running script is elegant, cursive script is wanton, ancient rhyme of official script, and Han style is revisited.



The most valuable thing is that Mr. Liu Yanjun is striving for perfection in the cultivation of Wei Bei. From the beginning to now, he has specialized in Wei Bei for decades, and has become an expert in the book industry who is well versed in the original quality and restoration of Wei Bei. He took advantage of Wei Bei's block letters and tenacity, and constantly cultivated the temperament of calligraphy, which made his calligraphy stand beside the essence of calligraphy, and made his calligraphy stand out as a monument. His calligraphy was tough and vigorous, combining rigidity with softness, penetrating the back of paper and pleasing to the eye. In particular, the knot is upright, the composition is rigorous, and ten beauties occupy the same place. The achievement of accomplishment is exactly what Kang Youwei, a master of stele studies, said: A scholar who makes stele can get the true essence of calligraphy, and a true calligrapher can also. Liu Yanjun cast a new peak according to Wei Bei's skill, and became a great achievement and story in calligraphy.



Looking at Liu Yanjun's beautiful book of Wei Bei from a distance is just like drilling a rock and carving a wall. Its shape is like a dragon trace, its potential is like a thunderbolt, and its powerful pen and ink control ability stems from its profound understanding of the inscription and its brilliant intention. Practice makes real achievements, and a big hand must be a solid school of practice. It is the cultivation effort of dyeing Pinghu in Linchi and accumulating bald pens into mountains, which makes Liu Yanjun's calligraphy possess the lofty stunt of restoring ancient quality and continuing ancient charm.



Mr. Liu Yanjun is also a great master in poetry, and his poetry is perfect, which is not comparable to that of ordinary people. If you don't practice, you won't achieve success, and if you don't have wisdom, you won't be everyone. Liu Yanjun, who is interested in both poetry and calligraphy, not only writes calligraphy with old rhyme according to inscriptions, but also creates miracles with wisdom. His poetry is based on the past, but does not stick to the past, and the old rhyme contains new quality. He makes good use of poetry and song times, and is also good at expressing feelings with pen and ink. A new style of writing and writing covers the old merits, giving a new atmosphere.



Skill, wisdom, feelings, expressing ambition with books, expressing emotion with ink, and the perfect unity of calligraphy and ideological theme make Liu Yanjun's calligraphy poetry both a model of achievement method and a banner of spiritual coach!



Famous reviews:

刘砚军因为是一位才华横溢的诗人,所以他的书法具有相当独特的艺术魅力,既师于古也师于自然,更源于内心,成为天工 与人工的合成之妙。“诗书一品文人才”笔墨吟歌,先诗人而后再成为书法家,诗书一品皆成造诣,才是传统文人的文化修成。刘砚军先生“诗书合璧、文人回归”。

Because Liu Yanjun is a talented poet, his calligraphy has quite unique artistic charm, which is not only learned from ancient times but also from nature, and originated from the heart, which has become a wonderful combination of heavenly and artificial works. "Poetry and books are good for literary talents", which first becomes a poet and then becomes a calligrapher, and every quality of poetry and books is an accomplishment, which is the cultural accomplishment of traditional literati. Mr. Liu Yanjun's "Combination of Poetry and Books, Return of Scholars".



—— Expert comments on artists with the most collectible value in China


Mr. Liu Yanjun is a versatile artist. His poems and calligraphy are shocking, so his calligraphy has quite unique artistic charm. Not only did he learn from the ancient times, but he also learned from the heart. Chinese calligraphy pays attention to the beauty of momentum, state of mind, rhythm and bones.


The ancients said: Words are like their own people, and Liu Yanjun's calligraphy is clear and vigorous, and there is a sense of integrity between the lines.